14 Science cities in russian ,in dangerous

according to GZT Russian Ministry of Education,Ivan Lobanov prepare new draft to rule the status of sciences cities with those criteria to evaluate to science cities.

  • population , people engage to science must over 20% of city population
  • half of sci product must relate to high-tech ,innovative 
  • at least 20% of workers directly to reschers
this new rules very strange when compare science working with the number of people.

According to the Union of science cities in Russia, in 2010 to support 14 science cities (social and physical infrastructure) of the budget has been allocated 500 million rubles. This is three times less than in 2009. For comparison: the budget of the project Skolkovo-about 60 billion rubles

There was a sense that science cities of forgotten, no one knew how they actually lived through 90 years, and all waiting to see what they are about to be closed down

List of science cities in Russia
  1. ОбнинскObninsk 
  2. КоролевKorolev  moscow
  3. ДубнаDubna  moscow
  4. КольцовоKoltsovo
  5. МичуринскMichurinsk 
  6. ФрязиноFryazino 
  7. РеутовReutov
  8. ПетергофPeterhof
  9. ПущиноPushchino 
  10. БийскBiysk Altai Krai
  11. ЖуковскийZhukovsky, Moscow
  12. ТроицкTroitsk, Moscow
  13. ПротвиноProtvino,  Moscow
  14. ЧерноголовкаChernogolovka 

location Kaluka Oblast,120 km from Moscow
Obninsk is first science city in russia , world first nuclear power plant install in Obninsk (1954-2002)
  • Nuclear power engineering;
  • Nuclear methods and radiation technology;
  • Technology of non-metallic materials;
  • Medical radiology;
  • Meteorology;
  • Ecology and environmental protection.
famous institutions in Obnisk
  • State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation Institute for Physics and Power Engineering
  • State Scientific Centre of Russian Federation Obninsk Scientific Production Enterprise «Technologiya»
  • Medical Radiological Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Obninsk Branch of the State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation «Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry»
  • Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre
  • Central Pilot Expedition of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Radiology and Agroecology
  • Central Design Bureau of Hydrometeorological Instrumentation
  • Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Meteorology
  • Scientific Production Association TYPHOON
website http://www.obninsk.ru/eng/

location moscow oblast, founded 1938 
Space Mission Control Center (MMS is locate in Korolev
research in space science
website www.korolev.ru
location moscow
R&D nuclear physics,particle physics,heavy iron physics
famous institutions

  • MKB Raduga (missile builder)
website www.dubna.ru
ดับน่า ก่อตั้งระหว่างปี  1946- 1956 เริ่มแรกใช้เป็นสถานที่ก่อสร้างเครื่องเร่งอนุภาคโปรตอนของโซเวียต4.КольцовоKoltsovoโคลตโซโว่
location Novosiburg near Akademgorodok, first naukograd in tran-ural region
name honor Nikolai Koltsov , famous bio-scientist
R&D fields  biologist and geneticist  pharmaceutical and medical research.

Location Tamov Region 
before 1932 know as Kozlov (Козло́в) ,name Michurinsk to honor to  Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin
major research : agriculture ,develop varieties of fruit trees and cultivation technologies
advanced radio and electronics devices
Reutov is the place where developed Sputnik
Natural Science

location moscow established in 1963
R&D physicochemical biotechnology.
site http://www.psn.ru/

Altai krai
บีคสก์ ตั้งอยู่

location Moscow
R&D Aviation ,Aerospace
famous institutes 

  •  TsAGI

website www.zhukovskiy.ru

ซูคอฟสกี ตั้งอยู่ในเขตมอสโคว์ งานศึกษาวิจัยหลักเกี่ยวกับอากาศยาน การสร้างเครื่องบินและจรวด
location moscow
R&D Nuclear,micro physics,radiation material science, condensed matter physics, problems of ecologically pure nuclear power engineering, biology and medicine.
site www.tsc.troitsk.ru
เมืองทร๊อตสก์ อยู่ในเขตมอสโคว์ งานวิจัยหลักเกี่ยวข้องกับ นิวเคลียร์ รังสีและวัสดุศาสนตร์ รวมถึงชีวะและเภสัชศาสตร์

location near Moscow
R&D Energy Physic
There is a major accelerator complexes of Russia and are abandoned the moment the accelerator tunnels unfinished UNC, which was supposed to bring the energy of the colliding particles up to 3 GeV
famous institutions
  • RosAtom
โปรตวิโน่ ตั้งอยู่ในมอสโคว์ งานวิจัยหลักคือการศึกษาฟิสิกส์พลังงานสูง มีบริษัทที่สำคัญของ รัสอะตอม ตั้งอยู่ในเขตนี้
location moscow founded 2001
R&D Chemical ,Microelectronic , provide information-database access to science articles 

website www.chg.ru

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