MacBook Air

"Back to Mac" events yesterday apple shows new MacBook Air , iLife 11, and some  info about Mac OS X Lion (10.8 OS)
and my eyes spot at only design of Macbook Air. apple made good looking stuff but after read tech specs. it's 
too low CPU 1.4 GHz , low memory which offer 64G flash memory instead hard drive, Solid State Drive (SSD) as flash memory seem to be the not smooth future
to replace tradition hard disk if it's can't be more memory. inside Macbook Air need to place 2 each 32G flash for 64 G. how ever 999$ price for lowest version is attractive for weigh 1 kg. and premium design. 
iLife 11 not see much newly design or features. and if any one think of Lion must look forward to Mac OS 11 when apple run out all safari breasts.  Mac OS XI would be Mac OS Moon,Mac OS Sun :) may be. 

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