Anna Pavlova
Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlovna Pavlova (Анна Павловна Павлова)


Pavlova was born on February 12, 1881 (January 31, O.S.) In St. Petersburg, she was a child born two months early, making it at birth to be wrapped in feathers for months to warm. Her mother was an employee in a laundromat named Lubov Pavlova, while her father's history was unclear. A soldier named Matt (Matvey Pavlov)

Pavlova became interested in ballet when she was 8, when her mother took to see Sykovsky's “Sleeping Beauty” ballet (Alexander Tchaikovsky) T the Imperial Mariinsky theater.

1891 attended ballet at Imperial Ballet School, with her professor, Marius Petipa.

Free time from school, she likes to read and skate.

1899 graduated from school at the age of 18, with the final show before the finish being Pavel Gerd's Les Dryades pretendues (The False Dryads) whose performance was successful, earning her a job at the Imperial Ballet Company.

1907 made its first overseas show in many countries across Europe including Germany, Romania and Denmark.

22 December, a charity concert was opened at the Mirinski Theatre and Bavlo that performed a ballet in the chapter of Swan (later known as The Dying Swan) for the first time, based on a French composer, Camille Saint-Saens.

1909 moved to work at Sergey Dikilev's Balltes Russes, who here worked with another famous ballerina, Vatslav Nijinsky.

In 1910, she set up her own ballet company and, meanwhile, found love with Victor Dandre, a businessman of French descent.

Paplova later travelled to live in London, with her home being a luxury mansion called Ivy House cottage, her permanent residence until her death.

1914 returned to the opening of the show in Russia, which was the last return to Russia in its lifetime.

At the age of 49, her body was dressed in a ballet gown she used to perform The Dying Swan. It is said that the last sentence she uttered was “Prepare my swan costume.”

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