Emperor Taichung of the Tang Dynasty (Emperor Taizong of Tang)

Emperor Taichung holds royal residence on January 28, 598 inside the Qingshan Palace, in Wugong, in Sui China state, currently the area of Shaanxi Provicne.

His father is Emperor Gaozu of Tang, Li Yuan, 618-626). The former name is Li Yuan, and the mother is Empress Taimu (, Empress Taimu).

As Emperor Taichung was born, the Father remained black as the Duke of Tang and a commander in the Sui Army.

Emperor Taichung, formerly known as Li Shimin, was born as Li Jiancheng and had at least three other brothers: Li Yuanba, Li Yuanji and Pingyang.

614 Li Zimin married the daughter of Capt. Jangshen (, Zhangsun Sheng), who was later Empress Zhang Shen (, Empress Zhangsun), whose maiden name is not certain.

617 Li Yuan rebelled and seized the city of Changan, and supported Yang You, the son of Emperor Yang, became Emperor Gong, who established himself as the regent.

618 Emperor Yang of Sui was slain in Jiangdu (, Jiangdu) from the coup of General Euwen Huaji (, Yuwen Huaji), and later he established himself as Emperor of Xu.

However, when the news of Emperor Yang arrived in Chang'an, Li Yuan forced Emperor Cong to abdicate, and Li Yuan established the Tang Khun dynasty. He became Emperor Gao Xu and the establishment of the Tang Dynasty.

619 Lui Wuzhou ((, Liu Wuzhou) made a large army against the tank. Emperor Gao Xu ordered Prince Li Yuanji to lead the army out to fight, but Li Yuanji's army broke down.

621 Li Simin was ordered to lead the army to suppress enemies east of Luoyang. Li Simin set up a command center in Luoyang and used the city to expand its own power base.

While Li Jiancheng, Li Zimin's head, attempted a coup to overthrow Emperor Gao Xu, the Father, but was unsuccessful, however, he was not punished with a criminal sentence.

626 Li Simin returned to the capital to visit King Sam Li Yuan Ji, who was wounded in a battle with the Turks.

On July 2, (Xuanwu gate incident), but while Li Zimin was in the capital, Prince Li Jiancheng tried to kill him for fear of being hijacked by the crown prince. With less force than Li Ximin, he seized the Xuanwu gate, which was the northern gate of the palace, and used to fight the king. He was able to kill Prince Li Giancheng along with his Royal Highness Prince Li Yuanji before leading his homage to Emperor Gao Xu.

September 4, Li Xin Min was reigned as Emperor Taichung by Emperor Gao Xu.

The reign of Taichung, called the Guan era (, Zhenguan era), is called the era of the ideal and golden era of China. It is an ideal government where the emperor is fair and has decisive decision-making power.

Wei Zheng (, Wei Zheng), who served as a prime minister for 13 years. He is a Confucius Pranche and a historian and initiated the preparation of Sui Historical Cookbook (, Book of Sui).

Xiao Yu (, Xiao Yu)

Cabin Luxury Hui (, Du Ruhai) He was set as in the year 629 but died a year later.

Fang Qianling (, Fang Xuanling) is another statesman of the Tang. He is also a grandfather She at the same time as the cabinet.

Zhangsun Wuji (, Zhangsun Wuji) is the brother of Empress Zhangshun. He was a mentor to Emperor Taichung, but in 659 he was accused of treason, and he was forced to commit suicide.

627 General Li Yi rebelled at Pingzhou () in the current Xianyang Zxianyang province, but was quickly subdued.

630 sent General Li Jing to battle Eastern Khan (東, Eastern Turkic Khaganate) in the northern part of Sui state, outside and inner Mongolia, where General Li Jing managed to win and capture Jiali Khan Ashina Duobi, which led to the expansion of East and Central Asia. Battle Wins The eastern state of Khan Turk, then Emperor Taichung, has a new prefix as Tian Kehan (Tian Kehan), which means emperor like a god.

631 adopted a feudal system (feudal) in the country, but it soon disbanded.

634 Taichung sent an army led by Mae Do Li Yi to war with the state of Rub Yang (, Tuyuhun) of Khan Murong Fuyun (Busabo Khan Murong Fuyun).

635 Emperor Kaosu, Father of Taichung Sawankat

636 Empress Sang Sun Sawankat

637 reused the feudal system, but the system was disbanded two years later because it was resisted.

638 Tibet, by Emperor Songtsän Gampo, sent the army to invade Songzhou after being denied the princess of Tang, but the Tang army was able to expel until Tibet withdrew its troops. After that, Emperor Gampo sent a message and tribute as an apology, but also begging you. The Tang woman went to the royal palace, which Taichung agreed to give Princess Wencheng, her cousin, to marry Emperor Gampo in 641.

Wu Zetian was one of Taichung's concubines.

640 This year, Tang started a war against the western Turks, several states in the Tarim basil in the west. This year, the kingdoms of Karakhoja or Gauchang (高, Gaochang), 643ambassadors from the Byzantine kingdom were sent by Emperor Constans II Pogonators to flourish a coalition with tanks.

There are also ambassadors from several European and Middle Eastern kingdoms that have been in contact with China during this period, which China requoted them as Daqin (大, Daqin), which would probably mean the Roman kingdom.

643 Prince Li Chengqian, who was the crown prince, rebelled because of fear that Taichung would remove him from his position and set up Prince Li Tai as his replacement. But the rebellion failed, but Tai Zhong spared Prince Li Shengkian but removed him from his position and set Prince Li Zhi (, Li Zhi) as crown prince. Pediattan

644 War on the Kingdom of Karachar (Karashar)

645 (Goguryeo-Tang War) Taichung led the Tang Army to attack the Kingdom of Goguria, Korea, which could reach the capital of Pyongyang, but was unable to break down the Ansi Fortress, allowing the army to retreat after 60 days of blockade.

While the Tang Army went out to war with Goguria, the Kingdom of Xi'an Nao (), Xeeyantuo) led by Khan Bazhuo (Duomi Khan Bazhuo) relied on the opportunity to attack Tang's prom, allowing the commanders to lead and defeat Khan Bazuo's soldiers.

648 invaded the Kingdom of Carajar again, and this time it was able to defeat the kingdom of Kucha, which is close to each other.

649 July 10, Sawankat inside Suiwui Palace (, Cuiwei Palace), where Prince Li Jui became Emperor Gaozong (Emperor Gaozong)

Taichung's body is buried at Chao Ling Cemetery (, Zhoaling Mausoleum) in Xi'an.