William Clifton Dodd (William Clifton Dodd)

Missionary, author of The Tai Race

Born October 15, 1857 in Marion, Iowa (Marion, Iowa). His father was William (William Wylie Dodd) and mother, Rohda (Rhoda Burns Robb).

1883 graduated from Parsons College (Parsons College)

1886 completed a doctorate in theology from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. After that, he went to the apostolic in Chiang Mai.

1889 married Isabella (Isabella Ruth Eakin)

This year, the first religious school was opened.

1891 Open Lamphun Station (Lumphun station*)

1897 Open Chiang Rai Station (Chiang Rai Station)

1904 went into Gengtung, Myanmar (Kengtung, Burma)

1907 closed the station in Myanmar and returned to Chiang Rai.

1917 opened a station in Chiang Rung, in Yunan Province of China.

In addition to religious work, he spent time exploring South China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, and there were numerous writings and research on Tai people.

1923 book The Tai Race printed out


1. Station or Mission is a missionary workplace. It also provides essential assistance to people requesting food, medicine or religion.