Ye Xian (Chinese Cinderella)
Ye Xian (Chinese Cinderella)

Ye Xian (Chinese Cinderella)

Ye Xian ()

Once upon a time, there was a house adult named Wu (Wu) who lived in the South Sea of China. He married, had two wives, but one unfortunate wife died shortly after giving up a daughter. The fabric was very much. Captains Wu loved this daughter very much and named her name Yi Sian (Ye Xian).

But the stepmother did not like Ysien because she was prettier and smarter than her own daughter. The stepmother and her daughter treated Yesian abusive, and she was used to do all the household chores, to cut firewood and find water. Alone, but Ysian is steadfast to work without complaining.

One day, while Ysian was out for the water, she saw a cute fish in the stream, which had large, golden eyes and a red tail. Ysien liked this fish so much she brought it home. For herself, let the fish eat it, until it grew so large that it could not be in that bowl again. So, Ysien moved the fish into a pond near her house, and every day when Yysian went to visit the pond to say hello to her, and waited to be friends when Yi. Sian is distressed.

But the stepmother saw that the stepmother was happy, she was upset, and planned to kill the fish, but usually the stepmother would not be able to see the fish because it would dive away every time the stepmother went near the well.

One day, the stepmother made a plan for Yesian to go out and find a pond farther away from home than the pond. After that, the stepmother put on Yesian's coat to disguise her, and went to the pond, before mimicking the voice of her stepson, and then tricked the fish to pop up. Savage the fish, and then feed the meat, and the bones are buried.

She was very sad but couldn't do anything. She was sitting by the pond, parrying her only friend, and suddenly appeared an old man appeared out of the sky, coming down, standing next to Ysien.

The man told Yesian to stop crying, and told Yesian to dig up the fish's bones. In times of crisis, the man told Yesian to bring out the fish bones and pray for whatever she wanted, but she had to ask without greed, otherwise the angels would punish her.

Ysian went to collect the fish bones according to the instructions of the Old Sien and put them in a safe place.

Later on, there was the city's annual big festivities, where young women and young men often took the opportunity to find a soulmate, with young women dressed in fine clothes to go to the event.

Ysien also wanted to go to the festival, but the stepmother forbade her from leaving for fear that the young man at the event would be obsessed with Ysien and not choose her child as a couple.

On the day of the stepmother and daughter went out to the festival, with Ysien guarding the house, Ysien brought out fish bones and prayed for clothes for wear. It appeared that her clothes were transformed into elegant fine clothes, and the shoes turned into gold shoes.

When Ysien appeared at the event, she was immediately of interest to the whole worker. She went out to dance in the camera band of the young men at the event, until she noticed that her stepmother and daughter had seen her from afar.

When he got home, Ysien pretended to be asleep until the stepmother returned her daughter, he didn't notice any abnormalities.

Yensian's gold shoes were collected by merchants before they were put out on the market, where several days later the shoes were sold to King Thuan (, Tuo Han).

King Thuan saw the beauty of the shoes and thought that the owner would be a very beautiful woman. So he went to search for those who wore these shoes, which he gave many women to wear, but none of them could fit.

Until King Tahan arrived at the home of Ysien, which was in the outback. At first, he did not think there was a shoe owner in the area, but when he tried to make Ysien wear gold shoes, he found that she was wearing the shoes fit.

So King Tahan took Yesian back to the palace and made a marriage with her.

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