Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle (Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle)

Author of The Mindful Brain, Jacquque Cousteau of the cortex

Vernon was born July 15, 1918 in Shelbyville, Kentucky. In a family of business contractors, Vernon was the third child of five siblings, his father Vernon (Vernon Mountcastle), while his mother, Anna-Frances Marquerite Waugh, had a career as a teacher before leaving as a mother. houses

Vernon was always proud that his family was descended from Pocahontas, daughter of Povatan, an Indian-American daughter. In addition, his great-great-great-great-brothers fought in the American civil war, where his great-great-great-brothers were the ones who dismembered. That bullet came out successfully.

In 1921, when Vernon was 3 years old, the family moved to Virginia because his father was contracted to build railways there. His family had a small house in Piedmont, which was quite rural.

In 1935, enrolled at Roanoke College, majoring in chemistry.

1937 undergraduate at the age of 19.

1938, enrolled at Johns Hopkins University's medical school in Baltimore.

In 1940, when he was in his third year of World War II, Vernon was included in the Navy medical service program to prepare for the battle.

He was dispatched to a naval base in Virginia before being sent to North Africa during the Allied Tunisian campaign.

After Tunicia, he was sent to LST (landing ship, tank), which provided medical support to the Allied in Italy.

1944 was sent to Europe at the end of the World War. Before defeat, the Allies began Operation Overlord.

In 1945, after the World War ended in August, Vernon returned to the U.S. but continued to work in the military.

1946 married Nancy (Nancy Clayton Pierpont), who had a career as a teacher.

He worked at John Hopkins Hospital, where Vernon initially intended to work in the surgery department but was full, allowing him to work in the ergonomics department. Later, he found that he liked the area as well.

In 1957, Vernon discovered that the cerebral cortex consists of vertical columns of neurons, each of which processes different data.

In 1960, Vernon and his research team had the opportunity to use the LINC computer, the world's first mini-computer.

1966 was elected as the National Academy of Sciences Council (National Academy of Sciences)

I'm acting commissioner of John Hopkins's ergonomics department.

1970 was named president of the Society for Neuroscience, a newly formed association, with Vernon presiding over one year.

1982 wrote The Mindful Brain

1986 won the National Medal of Science.

2015 January 14, died in Baltimore at the age of 96


The Mindful Brain: Cortical Organization and the Group Selective Theory of Higher Brain Function in partnership with Dr.Gerald Edelman