Sir Lawrence David Freedman

Author of Strategy

Friedman was born December 7, 1948, Tynemouth (Tynemouth, England). His father was a soldier.

Started learning at Whitley Bay Grammar School.

A bachelor's degree from Victoria University of Manchester and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of York.

1961 was a part-time lecturer at Belliol College (Balliol College, Oxford) until 1974.

In 1975, graduated from and from Naffilde College, Oxford, with a thesis on “The Definition of the Soviet Threat in the making of weapons and strategic for the United States.”

After graduating, he worked research at Naffilde College and at the International Institute of Strategic Studies, IISS.

1976, he worked at the Royal Institute of Internation Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs)

1997 was appointed as the official historian to record the story of the Falklands war.

Freedman, who served as foreign policy adviser in the days of Prime Minister Tony Blair, 1997-2007.

1978 was awarded a research grant from King's College London's Department of War Studies.

1982 received the title of Professor of War Studies at King College and was a faculty member of the Faculty of War Studies until 1997.

2001 was named the Faculty of Political Science and Publicity Policy (the School of Social Science and Public Policy).

2003 was the deputy director of King College

Received the title of KCMG Knight (Knight Commander of St Michael and St George)

2004 author A Choice of Enemies: America confronts the Middle East, whose book won the Lionel Gelber Prize in 2009.

In 2009, Friedman was appointed the Iraq Inquiry to investigate Britain's involvement in the Iraq war 2003. The committee was set up by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Appointed to be privy.

2013 wrote Strategy: A History, for which the book won W J McKenzie.

2014 Retirement from King College


His wife's name is Judith (Judith Freeman). Being a tax law professor at Oxford, they have two children together, Sam and Ruth.


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