Sergey Degayev
Sergey Degayev

Sergey Degayev

Sergey Degayev (Сергей Петровий Дегаев)

Russian revolutionaries, who terrorised and fled in the U.S., became a renowned professor of mathematics.

His father died since he was a child. So Degayev grew up by the upbringing of his mother, Natalia Nikolaevna Polevaya.

1866 attended the Moscow Military Preparatory School 2 (2nd Moscow Cardet Corps) before later being transferred to the Mikhailovsky Artillery School.

After graduating, he was stationed in the Kronstadt Forrtress barracks for two years.

Before continuing his enrollment at the Artillery Academy, Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy.

1878, he joined the revolutionary movement group Norodnaya Volga (The People's Will).

In 1879, he was expelled from the Mikhail Ilovsky Institute for Political Attitudes. DeGayef applied to the St.Petersburg Institute of Railway Engineers, while also working as a clerk in the Railway Management Organization.

In 1880, his mother and sister moved to Moscow.

1882 Degayev was employed as a call to the Chandarmov secret police unit (Special Corps of Gendarmes, Отдельный корпус жандармов) under the command of Greek Sudaykin (Георгий Порфирьевий Судейкин, Georgy Sudeyн (Kin)

Sudaykin's work is different to the general police practice, because some Gandarmes have contributed to the revolutionary movement itself.

, which Degayv contributed to the arrest of several members of the Noradnaya Volga, sent to the official

In 1883, Degayev was caught working for the Gendarmes as a member of Noradnoya Volga, to survive. He claimed that he collaborated with Sudaykin to make the Noradnoya Vloga group convenient to work. To survive, Degayev agreed to join forces with Noradnoya Volga to plan to kill Sudaykin.

December 16, (Dageyev affair) Sudaykin was slain by Nikolai Starodvorsky and Vasily Konashevich, a member of Norodnaya Volga inside Degayev's apartment, while Sudaykin's grandchild, Nikolai Sudovsky, survived the incident.

DeGayeve, who feared being killed by members of the group, also issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of murdering officers. DeGayeve fled Russia to Paris.

Russian authorities later pardoned DeGayev, but DeGayev decided to live in the U.S., starting a chemical plant in St. Louis. Louis), who, when living in the U.S., he switched to the name Alexander Polev to make it sound American, before later transitioning to Alexander Pell.

1891 was granted American citizenship, making the name Alexander Pell become his name for jure.

That same year, he enrolled in the Faculty of Mathematics at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. C.

1895 attended a doctorate at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

1897 graduated from a Ph.D. and got a job teaching at the University of South Dakota.

1901 was awarded the position of the Faculty of Engineering. South Dakota

1908 received the position of professor of mathematics at the Armor Institute in Chicago.

1913 Retired

1921 January 26, died in Fensilvania

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