Community Party of Thailand
Community Party of Thailand

Community Party of Thailand

The Community Party of Thailand

Chinese historians view the communist movement in Thailand as three separate groups: the north, the northeast and the south, all along the border. These are poor ethnic groups in the north, such as the Meow tribe, the north-east is a group of Thai people of Lao descent and Vietnamese immigrants, The southern part is a Malaysian Muslim group.

The Rusk—Thanat communiqué of March 1962

1919, the Soviet Union founded the Comintern Organization to spread the concept of revolution by the commissioner to the world.

1921 July 1, founded the Communist Party of China by Chen Duxiu (Chen Duxiu)

In 1925, the South Seas Community Party (南), also known as the Nanyang Communist Party (南) was established as a branch of the Chinese Communist Party after the Chinese Communist Party collapsed the Nanyang branch (the word Nanyang (南) means the Southern Ocean, which China calls country and area. Southeast Asia)

A number of Thais have entered the siam special committee in the South Sea Communist Party

1927 (Northern Expedition) broke into a war between nationalist parties led by the Kuomintang Party and the Communist Party of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

During 1937-1945, the Gogmin government established control over most areas of China. Many Chinese communists fled in Thailand, and the movement in Thailand increased.

In July 1929, Ho Chi Minh, a representative of Comintern, came to Thailand by the name of Nguyen Ai Quoc. He was in Thailand for 16 months, trying to integrate Chinese and Vietnamese communists into the only organization under the name of the Communist Party of Siam, which targeted Ho Chi Minh. Nh was the first generation of Thailand's King Institution, based on the power of poor farmers and their livelihood. Based on the basic concepts of Marxism-Leninsm and Moasit, Ho Chi Minh reported back to Comintern that at the time Thanh Nien had established three communist training schools. And is building a fourth place.

Ho Chi Minh, while traveling in Isan, where 20,000 Vietnamese residents lived, Ho Chi Minh at the time impersonated a merchant and was called Old Chin, or sometimes he shaved his head and disguised as a priest to evade French spies from knowing it.

In 1930, the South Sea Communist Party was disbanded, and local communists were set up in each Southeast Asian country.

3 February, Ho Chi Minh founded the Communist Party of Vietnam

In April, Ho Chi Minh returned to Bangkok, now his new name is Sung Man Sho and is a Chinese merchant. He arrived in Bangkok to set up the Siamese Communist Party. Fri. In 2473, the appointment of Lee or Gojinggok to become the first secretary of the Siamese Communist Party.

In May, after the establishment of the Siamese Communist Party, Ho Chi Minh left Thailand to Malaysia and Indonesia to set up the Communist Party there.

In 1932 (2475), the revolution changed the rule in Thailand from the system of government to the constitutional regime. The government was not elected by the government.

In which Thailand's Crown Prince is limited, and the real power belongs to the prime minister and parliament.

March 1933, Franklin Roosevelt (Franklin D. Roosevelt) is the U.S. President.

Phraya Monopakorn Nititada, the Prime Minister, caused a conflict with Pridi Panomyong (Pridi Panomyong). Against communist acts, Pridey fled abroad, but came back a year after that.

1941 was born World War II.

December, Japan invaded Vietnam, which was at the time a French colony.

8 December, Japan invades Thailand

1942 December 1, is officially considered the founding day of the Communist Party of Thailand. The name of the party is changed to the name of Siam to Thailand, with its secret headquarters in the wooden building in Si Phraya district.

1944 Bretton Woods, meeting at Bretton Wood, New Hamshire, founded the International Monetary Organization and the IMF by adopting a gold standard system to keep the international exchange rate steady. Bretton Wood worked well with the Marshall Plan, which the United States contributed to the reconstruction of Europe and Japan in post-war world

In March 1945, the United States OSS intelligence agency contacted Ho Chi Minh with a meeting between Charles Fenn and Ho Chi Minh in Kunming. The United States wanted Ho Chi Minh to take over intelligence information about Japan while in exchange for medical supplies and communication equipment for Viet Minh's parties ( Viet Minh)

April, Truman (Harry S. Truman) is the U.S. President.

In March 1946, Pridey became prime minister after Khuang Aphiwong resigned, with Pridi supporting Ho Chi Minh to establish the anti-imperialist Southeast Asia Leage to support Vietnam's independence, leaving the United States no longer supporting Pridey. Because the United States is allied with France.

June 9, in Luang Anantamahidol Sawankat (Ananda Mahidol)

In August, Pridey resigned as prime minister and Thawan Thamrongnawasat held Tam Tang as prime minister after elections in the same month.

1947 November 8, Phin Choonhavan led the revolution, overthrowing the government of Thavan.

The Communist Party of Thailand is considered to be a legitimate political party and elected to two seats.

November 10, Kang Abawong holds the position of Prime Minister for the 3rd time.

December 19, the first Indochina war in which Vietnam, led by Viet Minh, seeks to fight for independence from France.

1948 April 8, Feb. Pibull became prime minister after using military force to pressure Gang Abawongdok and turn the Communist Party of Thailand into an outlaw party again. The Comist Party members returned to underground movement, where a number of them took part in educational institutions.

The Chinese Communist Party sent about 3,000 officers into Thailand secretly, and 60,000 Vietnamese in Thailand, guided by Viet Minh.

However, in Thailand, the majority of people are not interested in communism. The number of Thai Communists is less than 100 Thai people, who depend on the Chinese Communist Party.

1949 February, (Wanglang Rebellion) Pridey Phanongyong returned to Thailand in return for a coup attempt by capturing the Royal Palace and Thammasat University and declaring the seizure of power from the state of Chompol. At that moment, however, Pridey's rebellion was quickly suppressed by the General. Ek Sarit Thanarat led in expulsion, and Pridi fled Odok from Thailand, and then didn't return.

October 1, founded the People's Republic of China

1950 Korean War was born (Korean War. 1950-1953) The Marshal Coalition. Sang Phathanothai, a close adviser to Chinese schools and associations in Thailand, sent Thai troops to fight with United Nations forces led by the United Nations, which fought North Korea and China. Meanwhile, Pridey sent two children of Sang Phathanothai, who was a close adviser. The caretaker of Zhou Enlai, whose daughter Sirin Phathanothai wrote The Dragon's Pearl, recounting her own life that she grew up among Chinese Communist Party leaders.

The Korean War mechanic, the CPT Party used the opportunity to stock up a lot of weapons in the countryside to wait for a revolutionary opportunity. But at the same time, the Thailand Peace Committee was set up in the same way as the SoviePeace Committee to campaign against the war in Bangkok as the discredit of the United States.

In 1952, CPT announced its intention to pick up weapons for combat, but the incident was not serious. Until 1965, when the United States used Thailand as a base for bombardment in Vietnam, China gave China support to CPT weapons.

1953 Joseph Stalin (Joseph Stalin) died

1954 July, the Geneva Conference (1954) gave Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam independence by Ho Chi Minh as president.

Operation Passage to Freedom, the U.S. CIA began an accident to divide Vietnam by allowing communist-terrified Vietnamese to move south using the 17th parallel line dividing Vietnam into two countries.

February 1955, founded the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (Southeast Asia Treaty Oranization) in Bangkok to oppose communism.

September, Marshal A. Established Seri Managkhasili Party

November 1, there was a Vietnam war between Soviet-backed North Vietnam and China, with U.S.-backed South Vietnam and Allied allies.

1957 October 21, Marshal Slitt Thanarat set up the National Socialist Party.

December 15, the general election. The Liberal Party NangkhSila took seats of just 4 out of 160.

1958 January 1, Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn (Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn) was Prime Minister

October 20

In 1959, the Communist Party of Thailand began using a strategy to train the northern hilltribe against the Tainen government. But while in Laos, the hill people were trained by France and later the U.S., to be anti-communist, but later communists in Laos succeeded in opposing colonialism of France and America, the Thai Communist Party thus I asked for help from Laos.

Meanwhile, Thai government media attacked communists in Thailand for trying to isolate Isan to join Laos.

# The vicarahs see that in Thailand the Communist Party was unsuccessful because of its deep-rooted King and Buddhism, and that it has never lost its autonomy and urbanism, so communist ideals and ideas are not accepted.

# During the 1970s, a number of Vietnamese and Cambodians came to Thailand for war. These people brought the truth about the brutality of communism there, making the image of communism look bad in the eyes of most Thais.

# The quality of life of Thai people at the moment is far superior to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar because of the help of the U.S.

This year, the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam supported Thai Communists in combat and armament training. Training camps were set up in Vietnam, Laos and Yunan.

The Laotian Civil War, 1959—1975, was formed between communist and government parties.

In 1960, the Communist Party of Thailand sent representatives to the International Communist Party Conference held in Moscow, where the Soviet Union and the Chinese Communist Party broke apart, and Nikita Khrusechev adopted a policy of denigrating Stalin (Khrushchev Thaw) because of his brutality against surviving Russians. But Stalin is a hero to Mao and most communists, the Thai Communist Party also has a stance to support China.

North Vietnam set up combat training camp for members of the Thai Communist Party in Hoa Biah province

1962 The Voice of the People of Thailand radio station started broadcasting to sell communist values and incite anti-Thai government. The station was located in Kunming, Yunan Province.

The Thai government has resisted communism by developing the economy in the region, especially the North and Isan with many communist supporters. The government's measures are to build schools, hospitals, markets, wells and roads.

The members of the CPT party were sent to study ideology at the Marxist-Leninst Insitute in Beijing. The Voice of the People of Thailand (VOPT) was broadcast from Kunming.

From 1961-1965, the CPT Party committed 17 terrorist acts in Thailand, mostly in the Northeast.

In 1964, in celebration of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party for 15 years in Pakking, the CPT Party issued a statement to name the Soviet Communist Party as a revisionist, social imperialist, and the Thai Communist Party. The Maoist concept was chosen, which caused the relationship between the Communist Party of Thailand and the Communist Party of Vietnam. The Vietnamese Communist Party was supported by the Soviet Union.

At the same time in Pakking, Thais popular communists there announced the Thailand Independence Movement, aiming to expel the United States from Thailand and change its rule.

1965 January 1, Phayon Chulanont announced the establishment of the Thai Patriotic Front, another communist group, which, years later, joined the CPT.

When the United States used Thailand as a base to support South Vietnam, the United States sent over 40,000 troops to Thailand.

1 January, CPT set up the Patriotic Front of Thailand, with them calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Thailand.

August, Voice of the People of Thailand broadcasts announced that the era of armed struggle had begun. After that, clashes occurred in Nakhon Phanom (with 1200 communists).

China has increased support for CPT, and the unrest in Thailand has intensified, with China looking to use Thailand as a springboard to attack China and use Thailand as a nuclear base to attack China.

The Thai government set up the Communist Defence and Suppression Division (IEAT). May. Communist Suppression Operations Command, CSOC) by General Line Stop Result (Gen. Saiyud Kerdphol) was commanding, but that the pigeon line in the army did not agree with the CSOC's repressive operations.

In Bangkok, Special Branch is set up by B.E. SEC Tue Ari Kaributra, who tried to talk to a group of communist prisoners who were held at Ladyao Prison, one of which was Prasert Sapsunthorn. Sat. and a cpt party center-right

Prasert turned to police in the fight against the CPT party, allowing Thai authorities to capture several members of the CPT party, but the use of police in the fight against the communists took years and was slow.

From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, the Thai army turned to the U.S. model, fighting communists in Vietnam. At this time, the CPT party was still small, the maximum members were unlikely to exceed 2500, and there were rarely official documents.

Chit Phumisak is a communist character who has played a role during this period. He is a writer, philosopher and historian who is regarded by the Communists in Thailand as “Che of Thailand/ Thai Che”. Chulalongkorn and took office at the U.S. Embassy in 1953, Chulalongkorn served as William Gidney's assistant to translating the Communist Manifesto into Thai. Chulalongkorn has a famous work, the Face of Thai Feudalism, in 1957, whose book led him to arrest and prison for six years. The court will release him after convicting him not guilty of 1965, Jit became a member of the Communist Party of Thailand and lived in the forest at Buphan in Kon Nakhon. By the name of Fellow Precha, 1966, May 5, Chit was shot to death near Nong Kung village, and his body burned in 1989. Wat Prasasitawan Pagoda

The structure of the Communist Party of Thailand during the 1970s consisted of 7 Politburo, 25 Party Central Committee members and regional and provincial committees. The leadership of the party was unclear, but in 1977, Colonel Phaiom Chulanont/ Comrade of the Central Committee of the CPT Party and Commander. Thai People's Liberation Army

Wed. T. Phayom is one of the marshal's allies. Phibun Songkhram during the coup in 1947 (2490) defeated the government of Thawan Thamrongnawasawat. T. Phayom fled to China and returned to Thailand in 2500 and moved with the Communist Party of Thailand, but died in Beijing in 2523.

1966 January 19, Thai Patriotic Front issued a call for people's war. Later in April, 16 Thai soldiers were shot down and nearly 100 people shot dead in Chiang Rai.

In 1967, the 49th troops of the Gogh Mintang, who lost the war against the Communists in China, entered the Golden Triangle and traded opium, but partly they contributed to the crackdown on the local community.

In 1969, the Thai Communist Party established the People's Liberation Army of Thailand (PLAT) and held up a guerrilla war against the Thai government, especially in the north. The Communist Party propagandist that it wanted to free Thailand from the U.S.

While southern Thailand also has battles with communists, communists in the south will be supported by the Communist Party of Malaya.

2 September, Ho Chi Minh died

In the 1970s, it was the peak of the communist movement in Thailand, with China and Vietnam supporting the communists in Thailand.

1971 Folk Scouts (The Village Scouts Movement) was founded, a semi-armed force helping Border Patrol police.

August 13, (Nixon Shock) President Richard Nixon announced a flotation in the dollar, which would have been implicitly abolished the Gold Standard and Bretton-Wood system, partly due to the result of the Vietnam War.

1973 Spin (Chunawatra) used the pen name Amnat Yuthawiwat to write a book attacking CPT, allowing CPT to respond back with articles and flyers.

Left-leaning students are partially in with CPT articles, and there are protests that all the issues are put to protest, so that the society is bored.

The government began to look at these students as becoming part of the CPT, many Thai millionaires began to leave the country for fear that the Communists would win.

In October, at the beginning of the month, the government had a group of 13 students who were members of the National Student Center of Thailand (NSCT) for handing out flyers with community-based ideas. But the government was at that time because of the problems of the Vietnam War, the economy was depressing. Shortly after the students were arrested, students rallied out in a major protest.

13 October, 13 students were released, but the students who protested refused to return, and part stayed in Thammasat University at night.

14 October, a tragedy occurred at Thammasat University when police used force to suppress students at the university. One of them, Narong Kittikachorn, is believed to have been in a helicopter and fired a gun at students below. The numbers are clear, no.

Prapat and Narong fled Thailand to Taiwan.

Thanom travels to the U.S.

After October 14, more than a thousand students who already have left tilt heads to join the Communist Party of Thailand, where they have a base to train weapons in Laos. The influx of Thai students into CPT changed the structure of the CPT party. very

1974 Capt. Ake Prem set up the Operational Command of Internal Security and began implementing a military-led political science policy in the fight against the Communists.

1975 U.S. leaves region, leaving Thailand alone

The Red Gaurs group set up

In March, Kukrit Pramoj was granted prime minister

Mitunai, Kukrith officially visited China and Thailand has opened diplomatic relations with China for the first time.

January 1976, Kukrith dropped out of office after a resolution in the House of Distrust

April 14, the new election is chaotic, the Red Bull group clashed with students at several points and exploded the crowd. Many people died, activists, workers.

Prapat returned to Thailand, but only four days away.

September 19th, Thanom returned to the priest, but the students held a big protest.

25 September, at Nakhon Pathom, two students were hanged to death.

5 October, students at Thammasat perform mimic events at Nakhon Pathom

Radio and newspaper hit the news that students were on the verge of a man's face hanged like a tiara.

Thousands of villagers scouts gathered around the Thammasat at dusk after hearing the news.

6 October, in the morning, there was an October 6 incident in which 46 people were killed and many students were arrested.

In the afternoon, the army made a revolution and announced martial law.

A number of students fled the provinces and joined CPT, with members of the CPT in Bangkok working hard through the week to help students escape into the jungle.

Around 3,000 students, Labour leaders, teachers and politicians joined them. The number of CPT members exceeded 10,000 for the first time and was able to challenge the army.

Students were divided into groups of nine to 60, and spread out to villages, where about 250 villages fell under the influence of the Communist Party.

1978, deteriorating relations between the Soviet Union and China led to the war between Vietnam and Cambodia, which left the Communist Party of Thailand in a difficult situation because it had always relied on help from China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In December, Vietnam invaded Cambodia of Polpot and Khmer Rouge. Both Vietnam and Khmer Rouge who used to support both arms and drills to the CPT party stopped, leaving CPT in a difficult situation, while in Laos, a stronghold of CPT. That's the Khmer Rouge side of China, allowing the Laos government to expel the CPT from the country.

1979 22 October, Bunyen Worthong (Bunyen Worthong) with a number of students broke up with the CPT party set up a new party called the Thai Isan Liberation Party (the Thai Isan Liberation Party) in Laos. Her party stands to support Laos and Vietnam.

Thailand and China's improved relationship leads China to lower CPT support

Schwalit created a Braunschweig unit for guerrilla battle against the CPT.

July 11, China shut down The Voice Of the People of Thailand radio station in Yunan.

The 1980s CPT, which was not tolerated by China, began to cause internal conflict, and The Socialist Party of Thailand was ousted from the party for working for foreign nationals.

August, Capt. Tue Prem Tinsulanonda is and adopts a more relaxed policy towards communism, known as Prem's tense. Tue Prem has a team that plays an important role in implementing the policy until it is called The 4Ps and 1 C. It includes Prachaup Suntharongkun, Piya Chakkaphak, Phao Sarasin, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh.

Government, General. Tue Prem issued an order 66/33 (B.E.2535) 2533, 1980) amnesty was granted to members of the Communist Party, which dramatically reduced Thai Communist Party members, from 12,000 to 2,000.

1981 Khao Kho, a communist base located at the junction of Phitsanulok and Petchabun, was seized and destroyed.

Damri Ruangsutham, one of the party's Politburo, was also arrested, Surachai Sae Dan, a communist who was active in the south, was also arrested.

1991, the Soviet Union fell apart, and the Cold War ended, the Communist Party of Thailand reduced its role.

List of Communist Party Secretaries

1930 Goo Jung Guang, Secretary-General of the Siamese Communist Party 1930-

Li Hwa

1942 Conquest at. Phichit Na Sukhothai or Chusowlim or Payap Angkhasingh

1952 Prasong Wongwiwat (Prasong wongwina, 2461-2555) or Song Nophakhun (Song Nophakhun), Phrasong Ba 2495-2504

1961 Mitr Samanant or Charoen Wannangam (Charoen wannangam), 2504-2525

1982 Pracha Thanyaphaiboon or Thong Chermsri, Comrade Pracha 2525-2553

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