John Saris
John Saris

John Saris

John Saris

John Saris was born in 1579 or 1580.

Later, as he grew up, Saris came into work with the English East-India Company.

In 1604 March 25, Saris took the opportunity to depart with East India Company's Red Dragon on the company's second voyage under the leadership of Captain Henry Middleton, who travelled to Bantam in Indonesia currently to buy Spice, whose ship arrived in Bantam in December.

In 1605 October, Captain Henry returned to England, but Saris remained in Bantam and continued to work in the East India factory at Bantam. During his stay in Bantam, Saris heard about Japanese stories from Dutch who had been trading with Japan at the time.

In 1610, returned to the UK with the Hector, which returned to the UK in May. The Japanese story that Saris brought back with him, made the East Indian company interested in opening trade in Japan.

In 1612, departing for Japan, the 8th seafaring of the English East-India Company. The trip consisted of three ships: The Clove, The Hector and The Thomas.

In 1613, arrived in England at the time of reception from Daimyo Matsura Shigenobu and was helped by William Adams, who was the first Briton to arrive in Japan, and Adam became an adviser to Tokugawa Ieyasu. With the help of both, Saris can He met Tokugawa Ieyasu, where Ieyasukasu was from his position, and the Shogun was owned by Tokugawa Hidetada, whose son, the British, had stood for a book to open trade with Japan.

After the permission of the Shogun, the UK opened a commercial factory in Hirado.

In 1623, Saris returned to England, allowing Richard Cocks to continue to operate the factory in Hirado.

In 1643, Saris died and his body is buried at All Saints Church in Fulham, London (Fulham, London).

The 1900 book The Voyage of Captain John Saris to Japan was published by Ernest M. Satow)

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