The project Sfera Sfera (СФЕРА, Sphere) is a project by the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) to build over 600 satellite networks to support Russia's digital economy, which is planned to be completed in 2030.

Sfera consists of

Ether satellites, and Skif, which will provide high-speed internet, similar to the Oneweb project, Starlink Navigation satellite, which supports the original GLONASS system for the North World to support the Arctic Ocean on trade routes through the North Pole Sea, The project Russia seeks to push, There is also a satellite communication system Gonets, and a satellite for broadcasting Express satellite Berkut, which is an exploration (remote sensing) satellite Express-RV broadcast, Yamal satellite Marathon, which is a satellite for IoT (Internet of Thing)

The history of the project

Russia's satellite network was talked about policy in 2017 when it spoke of Russia's digital economy push by 2030, where the project at the initiative was referred to as the Global Multifunctional Infocommunication Satellite System (GMISS).

In May 2018, Roscosmos revealed a network of communications satellites called Ether. According to the plan, the Ehter satellite will need 288 satellites at an altitude of 870 kilometers for worldwide coverage and will be scheduled to deliver the first satellite in 2025.

In June, the Russian satellite news project was called Sfera, and the number of planned satellites was added to 640, with both communication satellites and remote sensing satellites.

In addition, Sfera will be integrated into the original GLONASS pilot system and the Express satellite, which is a satellite for broadcasting.

By 2020, the government approves 10 billion roubles for the development of the Sfera project.

2022 Roscosmos rescheduled the transmission of Express-RV satellites to be in 2025

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