Rhodophis (The Egyptian Cinderella)
Rhodophis (The Egyptian Cinderella)

Rhodophis (The Egyptian Cinderella)

Rodofis (οδπις)

Rodofis is an ancient tale with a Cinderella-like plot. It was first recorded in Geographica by Stapo (Strabo), a Greek historian who wrote about 7 BC-24 AD.


Rodofis was a Greek girl, who was taken by pirates and sold to slaves in Egypt.

One day, while Rodofis was bathing in a stream, it appeared that an eagle had swooped down her slippers and flown.

As the eagle flew to Memphis, while the pharaoh was coming out to sniff in the park, the eagle let the girl's slippers fall in front of him. At first, he was strange that the shoe suddenly fell out of the sky, but when he looked on the pair of shoes, he noticed the marks on the shoe that the one who wore it would be He had to be beautiful, and he went out of the palace to find the woman who owned the shoes, until he met Rodophhis, the girl who had the shoes. So the king took the girl back to hope, but arranged the marriage, the girl became the queen of Egypt.

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