Jeff Hawkins
Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins

Jeffrey Hawkins is set to be the only one who is in the field of life.

Author A Thousand Brains

Founders of Palm, Handspring and Nuremta

Jeff was born June 1, 1957 on Long Island (Long Island, USA)

1979 graduated from Cornell University. After that, he worked with Intel.

1982 moved to Grid Systems, which participated in the development of GridTask, a kind of RAD (rapid application development) program.

1986. Enrolled at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley) in biophysics.

Prior to graduating from his PhD, Jeff made a thesis on the pattern recognition system for voice and text. This is the text recognition system and speech recognition system which is used today. because you're not in that line.

After Jeff left Bergley, he returned to Grid as Vice President of Research Line, where they developed a pen-based computing system.

1988, Tandy Corporation acquired Grid

1989 GridPad was created for sale. It was the first tablet computer in the world.

1992 Jeff founded Pam Inc. to produce a PDA (personal digital assistant) computer

In 1993, Apple produced Apple Newton. The PDAs of both Palm and Apple have a fingerprint recognition system, small and pen recognition, which was an innovative innovation at the time, but both Palm and Apple were not so successful in terms of PDA sales.

In 1998, left Palm and founded Handspring Company together with Donna Dubinsky and Ed Colligan, after Jeff was less pleased with 3Com's policy, which came to Palm's acquisition.

Handspring continues to produce PDA computers for sale.

2003 Handspring Joins With Palm Hardware Division

2004 wrote On Intelligence together with Sandra Blakeslee, where he tried to rationalize and explain brain activity. He described brain activity as working with a system called memory prediction framework, which relies primarily on memory and plattern recognition systems.

In 2005, Jeff and Donna set up a new company called Numemta, a computer-technology company that seeks to mimic the brain. Neocortex is a technology such as HTM (Hierarchical temporal memory).

2021 Writes A Thousand Brains


On Intelligence, 2004A Thousands Brains, 2021

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