Wu Cheng’ en
Wu Cheng’ en

Wu Cheng’ en

Wu Choeng An ()

Author of Journey to the West (西, Saiyu)

Wuchoengan was born in 1500 or 1505 in the city of Liangshui, Jiangsu, Huian province (Lianshui, Jiangsu, Huai'an) during the period of the Ming dynasty.

His father, Wu Rui, had a career as a carpenter. Despite his poor position, he was a knowledgeable man and loved reading literature.

Wu Choeng An took the Jung Chuan exam several times but was unsuccessful.

In 1544, as he entered middle age, he completed his entrance exam at the capital university in Nanjing.

He lived in Beijing until 1552. At this time, he had a small reputation among intellectuals for his ability to compose ancient poems.

1570 was back in Hui An, and he wrote this year's Journal to the West, a novel of the adventure of Tang Xuanzang, a Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty to the Pink Continent, summoning the King Tripit to China, which made Sun Wukong famous.

1582 deaths

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