Alexander Bogdanov
Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Bokdanov (Александр АлександровиБогданов)

Leader of the group Vpered (Вперёд, “Forward”), pioneer of the study of methods of blood transfusion

Bokdanov was born on August 22nd, 1873, in Sokolka (Sokolka), was present in Poland, but at that time was part of the Russian Empire. A. Malinovsky), by which Bokdanov was the second child in all six brothers

In 1892, graduated from Tula Gymnasium and went to the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at Imperial Moscow University.

In 1894, he was expelled from the university for a joint movement with the unionist group. Bokdanov was arrested and deported to Tula.

In 1895, Bokdanov applied for medical admission at the University of Kharkiv (University of Kharkiv) in Ukraine.

1896 became a member of the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labour Party)

In 1897, there was a work “Краткийкурсэкономическойнауки/Short Course of Economic Science” using the name of the pen A. Bogdanov, whose Lenin (Vladimir Lenin) had the opportunity to read his work and praised it as writing about the economy as a major phenomenon.

In 1899 graduated, and a short time later, a philosophical writing was printed in the name “Основные элементы исторического взгляда на природу/Basic Elements of a Historic View of Nature.”

The same year, he was arrested again and held in a prison in Moscow for six months before being deported to Kaluga, 150 kilometres west of Moscow. Soviet Russia (RSFSR), and he is also married to Bokdanov's younger brother named Anna (Anna Alexandrovna Malinovskaya).

Shortly later, Bokdanov and Luna Charski were further deported to Vologda, where in Vologda Bokdanov had worked as doctors in the hospital.

In Volokda, Bokdanov got to know Alexander Rudnev and became close friends.

Married Natalya (NatalyaBogdanovnakorsak), who is eight years older than him, where she works as a personal nurse looking after Rudnev.

Bokdanov, Rudnev co-founded a socialist study group in Tula. In addition to Bokdanov, Rudnev, and Ivan Skvortsov-Stepanov, Ivan Saveliev

1903 Bokdanov joined the Bolsheviks, a group within the RSDLP party.

In 1904, the Bolsheviks in Switzerland sent Martyn Liadov to Russia for a sponsor. He met with supporters in Tver, where the board of the group sent Bokdanov to represent the Swiss.

November, Bokdanov had the opportunity to meet Vladimir Lenin in Geneva at the Bolsheviks meeting in Switzerland, to officially establish the Bolsheviks.

In December, Bokdanov returned to Russia by staying in St. Petersburg, where during this time his position within the Bolsheviks was second only to Lenin, but Bokdanov may have played a more important role for the party than Lenin because he was moving inside Russia, while Lenin kept hiding outside the country.

This year he had the work of writing “Ампириомонизма /Empiriomonism “, which was divided into 3 copies.

1905 3 December, was arrested

1906 May 27, was granted bail but was deported to Bezhetsk for a period of time, but he was allowed to travel abroad, allowing him to travel to Finland to meet Lenin.

In 1907 June, Tiflis bank robbery, members of the Bolsheviks committed a robbery of Tiflis City Bank to fund the group, where Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Bokdanov planned the robbery, where the Bolsheviks had taken large amounts of money, but more than 40 people died in this incident.

1908 published a novel called Red Star that talked about the creation of a Utopia on Mars.

Within the Bolsheviks itself, there was a rift between those who supported Lenin and those who supported Bokdanov.

1909 Lenin wrote Materialism and Empiriocriocriticism to attack Bokdanov.

June, the majority of Bolsheviks backed Lenin over Boxdanov and at a meeting in Paris also resolved to dismiss Bokdanov from the group.

August, the main was driven out of the Bolsheviks Bogdanov to Italy and joined forces with Maxim Gorky, Anatoli Launacharski and members of Vpered in the founding of the Capri Party School to teach socialist ideas to Russian workers there.

1910 Capri School was moved to the northern Italian city of Bologna, where Lenin soon set up a similar Longjmeau Party School in Paris.

In 1912, Bokdanov left the Weeperred Group and stopped focusing on revolutionary activities.

Propose the concept of Tektology: Universal Organization Science

1913 returned to Russia after being pardoned for an occasion celebrating 300 years of the Romanov dynasty.

In 1914, in the 1st World War, Bokdanov became a military doctor at the 221st unit in Smolenk under the command of General Alexander Samsonov.

1918 was named Professor of Economics at Moscow University and director of the Socialist Academy of Social Sciences.

Established the Proletkult Group (Пролеткульт), aims to create the art and culture of the Proletarian Culture

In 1924, Bokdanov started a blood transfusion experiment, which was considered the first scientist to pioneer blood transfusion. But Bokdanov's purpose was to find ways to preserve youth or immortality. Danoff also experimented with himself, which he claimed after a blood transfusion made his eyesight and body feel better; his close people said Bokdanov was like a decade younger.

The Institute for Blood Transfusion was co-founded by Bokdanov as the first director of the Institute for Blood Transfusion.

1928 April 7, died. The cause of death was partly due to the fact that he received a blood transfusion from his students with malaria and tuberculosis.


Empiriomonizm (эмпириомонизм), 1904-1906Red Star, 1908Engineer Menni, 1913

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