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Dr Donbass: Behind the frontline -RTD

Dr Donbass: Behind the frontline

Heroic routine of Donbass medical units

The doctors of Donbass, who work close to the frontline, treat injured soldiers from both sides and civilians who came under the shelling, and they never judge. Some may say they are like angels in purgatory deciding the fate of those who entered it. But in reality, they are just vulnerable humans who are just as scared of the gunfire, constantly worried about their loved ones, and attend to patients with little to no resources. But they manage to brave all the hardships and save lives no matter what.

Alinat is a doctor in the medical unit. She was born in Mariupol and studied at a medical university in Donetsk. After completing her residency in cardiovascular surgery in Moscow, she returned to Donbass to work and help. She and her family didn’t support the government coup and have always been pro-Russian. So when Ukrainian tanks came, they only made things clearer, ‘There was aggression from the other side, and we had to defend ourselves, that’s how it was. They came to us with tanks. We had nothing. There was a checkpoint nearby; there were guys there with only a couple of rifles. And they came to us with tanks; they were shooting at us from tanks. We didn’t even think we could somehow be on the other side. After all, we are closer to Russia,’ recalls Alinat.

Now Alinat, as well as other doctors, are helping out as she attends to the injured soldiers and civilians. She admits working so close to the frontline can become scary, and shells may come from anywhere, but she knows she’s a doctor, and her skills are needed, so she has to stay strong for the people, ‘Sitting there and waiting, worrying every day, well, it’s hard. And I can do something; I am a doctor, after all.’

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