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―Debbie Shapiro

Inside Russia’s military operation

Inside Russia’s military operation

Moscow’s objectives and the West’s interest in Ukraine support

By the end of 2021, Ukraine amassed 150,000 troops near the border of the Donbass and Lugansk in an effort to conquer those territories ravaged by years of war. A large-scale Ukrainian aggression was being prepared. For years, the US and its allies have been furnishing Kiev with military aid for training and equipment worth billions of dollars. The country was long chosen as NATO’s foothold right on Russia’s doorstep.

Kiev insists the Russian offensive was unprovoked, but multiple attempts on the part of Moscow to negotiate the ‘rules’ and NATO expansion in Europe failed. When Moscow sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, it targeted strategic objects – military ranges, factories, arms depots and airfields. Now Russia is seeking to take over land corridors to Crimea. Moscow is ready for a peace deal, but Kiev has other plans, which is to defeat Russia on the battlefield with the help of western weapons.

However, military aid provided by the West won’t turn the tide in the Ukrainian conflict. It only protracts it, resulting in more unnecessary deaths among civilians and the military. Experts in the documentary explain why the ongoing fighting is a proxy war between Russia and the US – and why it’s a boon for the American defence industry. ‘It’s one of these situations where the US can take part in a conflict without losing its people’.

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