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―Debbie Shapiro

To end The War – RTD

To end the War…

Archangel Michael battalion’s soldiers devise drones and robots for the battlefield

“Donetsk has earned a little peace. It has been subjected to shelling for almost ten years now. The civilians have become so accustomed to the shelling that they do not believe it might ever end,” says Callsign ‘Lawyer’, soldier of the Archangel Michael Battalion. ‘Lawyer’ grew up in a family of engineers, where his parents nurtured his passion for model-building and designing from a young age. When the Special Military Operation began, he saw how his civilian skills could be useful in the military and decided to help out. The soldiers of the Archangel Michael Battalion are not only operating FPV drones but also manufacturing essential military hardware needed for the frontline. They do this just a few kilometres away from the enemy firing positions. Watch our new documentary to see the Battalion’s innovative developments and training firsthand.

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