In Remembrance of King Bhumibol Adulyadej
5 December 1927 – 13 October 2017

Ramkhamkhaeng Massacre

as Red Shirts and Shinawatra Govt supporters have shot into mass of students in Ramkhamkhaeng University since yesterday night (30/11/2556(2013)) until today late morning,

at least 2 persons is killed (one is student) , one student lose leg cause bomb (may be M79) , and 45 more persons injured. 

12.58 (local times)  students have been locked inside university , Assis.Prof Wuttisak Rapjaleansap, Rector of Ramkhamkhaeng believes some gunmen still lives in the buildings surround. 

13.53 , Soldiers from No.11 regiments reach Ram University to evacuate students. 

yesterday many websites were inaccessible 

Collection Photos of Event from local presses.

last update. 13.51 p.m. 1 Dec


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