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แต่ชีวิตมาพร้อมกับต้นไม้, พระอาทิตย์ตก, รอยยิ้มและเสียงหัวเราะ 

―Debbie Shapiro

Ramkhamkhaeng Massacre Clips

1 Dec. 201  (2556)

morning bomb explored near car, student loose his leg near this point (as video owner description) 

around 8.00++ a.m.  , sounds of gun and bombs explore 

Shinawatra Supporters, Red Shirts hold guns walk on the road front of Ram U.

31 Nov. 2016 (2556)

before Massacre

Students Protested at the Gate of Ram U. demands peace cause some Red Shirts gathers at Hua-Mak Stadium adjacent to Ram U. out to disturbed residents in area

around 22.50 p.m. at Ram , students hide and flee shots from unknown direction.

First Student was killed,

last update 14.10 p.m. 1 Dec.3

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