Maurice Leblanc
Maurice Leblanc

Maurice Leblanc

Maurice Leblanc (Maurice Leblanc)

Author Asen Rupin (Arsene Lupin)

Le Blanc was born December 11, 1864 in Ruon, France (Rouen, France). He was the second child of the family; his father, Emile Leblanc, had a career as a merchant and had his own cargo ship; and his mother, Mathilde Brohy, came from a wealthy family.

He had a sister named J. Hanné (Jehanne, b.1863) and a sister named Georgette (Georgette, b.1869), who later Georgette was an opera singer.

In 1870, during the Franco-German War (Franco-Germna War), his father sent Leblong to Scotland.

1871 travel back to France

1875 attended high school at Corneille (Corneille Lycee)

In 1882, after graduating high school, he enrolled in law, but later changed to journalism.

1888 moved to Luon to Paris and wrote the first novel Une femme (A Woman)

1889 January 10, married Maria (Marie-Ernestine Lalanne, 1865-1941), with whom they had a daughter together, one named Louis (Louise Amelie Marie Leblanc).

1895 divorced Maria

1901 L'Enthousaiasme (The Enthusiasm), his own semi-biographical novel, printed out

In 1905, Pierre Lafitte, owner of the magazine Je sais tout, hired LeBlong to write investigative fiction, similar to Sherlock Holmes or Arthur Raffles. Raffles) That led Leblong to write Lupin.

1907 Arsene Lupine, gentleman-burglar, was printed out as a book

1908 was awarded the Legion of Honor.

1918, he built his house at the Atreat (Etretat).

In 1939, when the Germans invaded Paris, Leblong took refuge to Perpignan in the south of France.

1941 November 6, died in Perpignan with pneumonia. His body was buried at the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris.

Writings (Partial)

Arsene Lupin, gentelman-burglar, 1907Aresene Lupin against Sherlock Holmes, 1908The hollow Needle, 1909813, 1910The Crystal Stopper, 1912The Confressions of Arsene Lupin, 1913The Shrapnel, 1916The Golden Triangle, 1918The Island of thirty coffins, 191919191919191919191919191919191919The Island The Teeth of the Tiger, 1921The Eight Strokes of the clock, 1923The Coiuntess of Cagliostro, 1924The Overcoat of Arsene Lupin, 1926The Girl with green eyes, 1927The Man in the goat skin, 1927The Agency Barnett and C, 1928The Remains Mysterious, 1929The Cabochon emerald, 1930La Barre-y-VA, 193The 1The Woman with two miles, 1933victor, de la Brigage mondaine, 1933The Cagliostro takes revenge, 1935The Billons of Arsene Lupin, 1941The Last Love of Arsene Lupin, 2012

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