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แต่ชีวิตมาพร้อมกับต้นไม้, พระอาทิตย์ตก, รอยยิ้มและเสียงหัวเราะ 

―Debbie Shapiro

Donbass : Battle of Debaltsevo

The film features the events of the Donbass war which took place at Debaltsevo — the important strategic point, which became the center for fierce fighting between the militia and the government forces.

In summer 2014, fighting began in Southeast Ukraine, as Ukraine’s armed forces were tasked to subdue the rebellious regions. The conflict, ongoing for months, was seen by the Ukrainian government not as a civil clash, but as Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

But in the streets of Donbass, Ukrainian tanks and APCs encounter angry local residents, while regions of Donetsk and Lugansk declared themselves People’s Republics. The escalation began after the events at Maidan, which led to an overthrow of the country’s government, which people in Southeastern Ukraine considered a coup d’état.

Secret documents provided by the former officer with Ukraine’s Security Service, Vasily Prozorov, proved that Kiev never intended to negotiate with Southeast Ukraine. It was no coincidence that the government was quick to declare the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation. Realising what was coming, the rebel regions created self-defence groups — the Donbass militia. The most vicious fighting between the militia and government forces unfolded in Debaltsevo and its surroundings.

Debaltsevo was strategically important to both sides. What was going on as the militia was defending the territory, desperately trying to maintain the link between the two rebel capitals?

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