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Operation Liberation – RTD

Operation Liberation

An in-depth look at the special operation in Ukraine

At the beginning of 2022, Ukraine amassed 150,000 soldiers on the borders of Donbass. They were getting ready for a final assault to take over the Donbass region. Their confidence was backed up by the NATO and the US military equipment and training and assurances of the USA intelligence that they control all Russian plans. That, combined with previous statements of Ukrainian authorities about intentions to enter NATO and develop weapons of mass destruction, was crossing the red line for the Russian Federation. On February 24 2022, President Vladimir Putin declared the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

Russia doesn’t see the Ukrainian people as enemies. “The emphasis is placed on saving the lives of civilians, of the soldiers, our opponents. The goal is to create the [Ukrainian] military conditions that will force them to surrender,” says Andrey Sushentsov, Dean, MGIMO school of international relations. The main goals of the special operation were to protect the Donbass people and secure Russian borders from the aggressive Kiev regime, which made tight bonds with NATO and the USA.

All you should know about the special operation in Ukraine in Operation Liberation

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