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Volhynia-43: Genocide for ‘Glory to Ukraine’ – RTD

Volhynia-43: Genocide for ‘Glory to Ukraine’

Ukrainian nationalist atrocities during World War II

‘The Bandera men killed sixteen people from my family. An old man who lived in the village was killed right on his way to the mill. The Banderaites captured him with his daughter. They knew who he was, of course, because they were all locals. They put his heart on a wire after killing him, drove around the surrounding villages and sang songs,’ recalls Szczepan Siekierka, President of the Society for the Remebrance of Victims of Crimes Committed by Ukrainian nationalists.

In 1943, one of the greatest and bloody tragedies of World War II unfolded in Volhynia. As a special territory in Ukraine, historically, Volhynia has always been under the control of the opposing sides. Ukrainians inhabited the area, which, after World War I, became part of Poland. A group of Ukrainian nationalists tried to tear away a piece of Polish territory to establish a state of their own. They planned to build Ukraine for Ukrainians only, and their ideology was based on hatred.

The mass killing of the Polish at Volhynia by the Ukrainian nationalists in 1943 became one of the darkest pages in history. The raid on the Polish settlements began with Ukrainian nationalists surrounding the village and setting houses on fire. Homes in Volhynia had roofs made of hay, so they lit very quickly as the Ukrainian nationalists were tightening the ring. Watch the film to get a complete account of these terrifying events

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